Separation Anxiety

This is a problem that when you go out and leave your dog home alone it may be destructive or bark, pace, whine, toilet. For many, they may have a separation related behaviour problem but the owner does not know as they do not do any of those things! They basically just “shut down” and wait for owner to return. They often wont eat if something is left for them, like a chew or Kong and may not even drink either.

It is often mistakably said you have to work at TIME with this problem – so by that I mean, leave for a few minutes and return, build up time gradually. This will not cure separation anxiety behaviour. Often these dogs follow you from room to room at home, even if sleeping/resting, the moment you get up to go to another room they follow. They may even like to rest touching you when you are relaxing, perhaps in the evening. So trying to go out and leave them for a certain TIME period is not going to work, they cannot even cope if you go to another room let alone out the front door.

This can be solved positively, you would need a two hour behaviour consult which is very reasonably priced. Please contact me at or ring 07718588422.