Dogs That Need Little Exercise


You might be surprised to learn these can be couch potatoes! Although they can run incredibly fast and enjoy doing so, its in short bursts, so shorter walks are often acceptable. They love warmth and snuggling up with owners, they love company and should not be left for long periods regularly. They are often looking for homes after racing career, so Greyhound Rescue can always help and advise.

Senior Dogs

So many looking for kind homes through no fault of their own. They often need less exercise than younger dogs and can be adiopted through many rescue centres that can guide you on that particular dog. A quiet home, not hectic household is best.

Basset Hounds

Gentle and laid back, the Basset Hound does not have high exercise requirements. They do respond well to reward based training. A gentle daily walk is acceptable, but must have lots of sniffing opportunities and sniffing games as they are bred for this! Do look out for health problems, ear problems (due to being long/droopy ears) and back/joint problems (due to long body, short legs) can surface.