Dog Training Classes Shoreham


Next course starts on Friday 26th April 2024 - 5pm to 6pm. This is a six-week course and costs £65.

You will receive Gamechanger Lesson Plans each week, free eBooks and a rosette on competition of course.

This course is suitable for puppy’s, rescue, or older dogs.  Perhaps you have been to classes before in a hall and found your dog responds to a recall in the hall or loose lead walking in the hall, but the moment you leave your dog pulls you back to the car and on walks, has selective hearing when you’re trying to recall in the local park with distractions.

We train for “real life ready results” in the real world. As a Pro Dog Trainer with Absolute Dogs all our training is game based, making it fun for the dog & owner, giving you faster and better results.

I am not just a reward based positive trainer, I am also a concept trainer, which is a most exciting thing that’s come to dog training in many years. It’s very achievable and fits around your life & lifestyle, plus gives you real life results, not just behaviour in a classroom. There are many concepts that dog’s benefit from enhancing, confidence, self-control, calmness, focus & many more.

This course is held at different places in Shoreham, i.e., parks, town etc. Some of the training being covered are loose lead walking, come when called, sit stay, games that enhance proximity, calmness, self-control, listening to you, household manners, confidence, focusing on you and lots more.

No more than six per class. To join you can download the registration form, fill it in and either send back to my address on form or email back and pay via cheque or BAC (all details on bottom of form). If paying by BAC, please put your dogs name/your surname so I can put form and payment together. If putting your mobile number on form, which remains confidential, you will be texted conformation your booked in.

Many thanks and look forward to meeting you and your dog.

  • Download Registration Form Shoreham to book. £65 course. 
  • Please note: If you put your mobile number on your form, we will send you a confirmation text on booking. If you have not received this, it is because we have not had your form back so, please contact us.

Please email or phone 07718 588422 for more details or to ask any questions.

Please note; Once booked and paid for this is a non-refundable course.

If your dog experiences any difficulty when meeting strangers, other dogs, or children, please call or email Gill (01273 463554, before sending off the application form. You will not be refused attention; however, it may be better for you and your dog to receive private training or behaviour counselling – whichever is the more appropriate.