Dog Breeds

There are so many dog breeds nowadays its hard to make a decision! Do you have a Pedigree, crossbreed, heinz 57? I often see cross breeds and heinz 57 and they can make wonderful pets, often having the traits of just one breed “watered down” slightly. But here I am gradually adding pedigrees and under personal preference of the reader, you! So if you wanted a crossbreed, look at both those breeds to read more about them.

If getting a puppy always go to a reputable breeder that specialises in that breed and brings the puppies up in a home environment, so they learn about meeting people, hearing/seeing washing machine, hoovers, other animals, rather than a sterile kennel outdoors. Always see the Mother and ideally father also, but puppies take on behaviours more from the mother’s side. The father being present helps male puppies learn male behaviours in the early weeks.

So many people go for the “look” of the dog they like without considering what type of dog it is and if it fits with their life style. This is a big mistake and often ends in the dog being rehomed – so be responsible and find out about the dog you like the look of and make sure you and your family can welcome this dog into your home as a family member.

If your going for a rescue dog, the bigger rescue’s often check behaviour and can give you some information on the dog. The smaller rescues do not have the resources to do this as much, so find out as much as you can. If going for a pedigree rescue, then its worth finding a smaller rescue that only deals with that breed as they will know a lot about them. If going for a cross breed or mixed breed, the big rescues will be overflowing with them.

Take your time and find out as much as you can – this is a commitment for the next 6-15 years!