Training Classes

Book a class: 6 week class, friday evenings 7pm, maximum 6 people.

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Clicker Training - What is it?

So many pet dog owners do not understand “clicker training” and how it works, they wrongly think it’s: Just

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Advice & Information

Taking the Lead is pleased to offer you free, detailed advice and information about various topics of dog

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Topics: Anatomy Arthritis Blind puppies Caring for Greyhounds Coccidia Diabetes Ear mites First aid

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Welcome to Taking the Lead

Taking the Lead is a website and service dedicated to helping you understand and deal with dog behaviour and training problems. Taking the Lead believes in positive training, and will never advocate the use of harsh training methods that may physically or emotionally harm your four-legged-friend. I am a game based “concept trainer” & Pro Dog Trainer through Absolute Dogs with Tom Mitchell (qualified vet behaviourist), and Lauren Langman (competitor in agility for Team GB).

Over 35 years experience in Dog Behaviour & Training. Worked with Dog Trust for many years as Training & Behaviour Advisor.

Taking the Lead runs regular dog training classes in Shoreham-by-Sea and also offers private training and behavioural counselling sessions. See our training and behavioural services section for more details.

We also offer a number of free-to-read articles and advice on many aspects of dog behaviour, dog training, dog health, and dog communication. You can find these articles in our advice and information section. See also our recommended books for more reading.

Pay your respects to the memories of deceased pets in our remembrance section.

Please email or phone 07718 588422 or to book you can go to Training & Behaviour tab on this web site – thank you.