Online Classes

Overview: Online Training Course “live” through Zoom every Friday evening 7pm to 8pm with Gill. Many owners think they need to be in a physical class to train, but this is quite untrue, just as GP surgeries are doing phone/virtual consultations successfully, so it is with dog training. During this awful pandemic online classes can really help you to:

  • Focus on something more positive
  • All training, whether in a hall or online must be practised at home & in garden to begin with so the dog learns easily, so an ideal opportunity to teach so much that will have a fantastic result when you go back out again after lockdown lifted.
  • The training is also mental stimulating for your dog, so tires them out much more as well as being environmentally enriching.

    You will also get:
  • 6 live classes (no more than 4-5 pups/dogs)
  • Typed lessons plans for each class via email
  • Two free Ebooks
  • All reward based but also game based training building on “training through concepts” Example; Loose lead walking the conventional way is to treat the dog beside you when its not pulling, which is fine, just takes a longtime! But by building “value in your dogs mind” that be close to you (proximity) and focusing on you means great things happen & they then choose to do this – gives you not only great loose leash walking, but also great focus and great recall as well.

Cost: £60 for 6 week course. You also get a private Facebook group to join for support throughout the week and two FREE EBooks to help you further, whether you have a puppy, rescue or older dog!

How to join: Please email to join or ring 07718588422 – Thank you