Dog Training Classes Shoreham

Getting “real life” results in virtual classes such as teaching the Mighty Middle as demonstrated by one of our pupils in this video:
Due to this Covid-19 virus we have had to postpone classes in the hall for the time being.
But that doesn’t have to be the end of dog training, in fact we feel its even more important to have something positive to focus on, so we have been doing virtual classes with lots of extras to really help owners and dogs to achieve real life results.
Its vital for all puppies & dogs that they learn what to do without distractions to begin with, so at home, in your garden, then on walks, building distractions gradually.  So with a lockdown its a great opportunity to teach your dog NOW, so when you go back into the real world, they know the response you want.  We can help you train and get real life results whether its in a class or virtually, it makes no difference, you still get the same outcome.
So we are offering you a six week course based on the struggles you want to overcome for a reduced price of £30 instead of £60.  You will receive:
  • 2 Free EBooks during course.
  • Private Facebook Page for just us with weekly video tuition, safe place to ask questions, get advice on all your training as it happens. You actually get more 121 support than you would in a class!  If you dont use Facebook, we can use Zoom or facetime on a mobile to help.
  • Weekly lesson plans emailed to you – Rosette on completion posted to you.Puppy Socialising: I know many of you with a puppy will be worried about this and probably taking every opportunity to do this in your one walk a day.  But actually limiting socialising due to this virus could actually be a good thing – as the old advice which was based in exposing them to as much as possible often leads to a bad experience!  The absence of a bad experience far outweighs 100’s of good ones.  On our virtual courses we show you how to build optimism & confidence so that when we can go back out into the world they are real life ready.  All socialising should be is actually teaching the dog that novelty (new things happening in the environment) is something to be fine about, to teach the dog that basically its a “non event” – not something to get excited about or anxious, worried or fearful.  We have game based training videos that achieve this along with enrichment. many behaviour problems I work with have there roots in puppyhood and over socialising incorrectly.

Please Note: Fill in the registration form (below) & post/email back, putting your mobile number on your registration form (it is not given out to anyone) so we can text you confirming we have received it and you are booked in.  You place is not secure until youve received a text or phone call confirming that.  Thank you.

We text you bank details so you can pay by BAC and then you are immediately enrolled and given access to video’s, lesson plans and Group for tution.

  • Please note:  If you put your mobile number on your form we will send you a confirmation text on booking.  If you have not received this it is because we have not had your form back so please contact us.

Please email or phone 01273 463554 for more details or to ask any questions.

Gill White runs regular dog training classes for dog owners in West Sussex

Please note; Once booked and paid for this is a non refundable course.

If your dog experiences any difficulty when meeting strangers, other dogs, or children, please call or email Gill (01273 463554, before sending off the application form. You will not be refused attention, however it may be better for you and your dog to receive private training or behaviour counselling – whichever is the more appropriate.